Current version

MagicFlute v 0.10.5 for MacOS

Upgrading to this version is recommended for all users of earlier versions. System requirements: Mountain Lion (MacOS 10.8) or newer.

Installing this version preserves the traffic database, all the device profiles and other configuration settings of an already installed version.

What is new?

  • Profiles can now be sorted via drag-and-drop instead of up or down buttons.
  • Back notifications are now based on life traffic instead of the database. This means no more delay between MagicFlute picking up a signal and triggering a notification.
  • The installer now ensures that MagicFlute is not running during the updating process.
  • Bug fix: file permission problems prevented a database trim at application startup for some users.

Previous versions

MagicFlute v 0.10.4 for MacOS

What was new?

  • Locally administered macs are marked as randomized mac addresses in all views.
  • The dashboard shows separate totals for all observed hardware mac addresses and all software controlled mac addresses.
  • The scanner can be left running while navigating to other views.
  • The scanner shows a radar GIF when it is turned on to avoid state uncertainty in low traffic environments.
  • The live monitor continues updating while navigating to other views and shows the recent history immediately when returning.
  • Large results of the traffic history search are paginated to improve responsiveness.
  • Bug fix: a new parsing algorithm prevents data loss previously occasionally triggered by high CPU load caused by other applications.

MagicFlute v 0.10.3 for MacOS

MagicFlute v 0.10.2 for MacOS

MagicFlute v 0.10.1 for MacOS

MagicFlute v 0.10.0 for MacOS